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Contractors Guide To Bridge Financing



What is Bridge financing?   It’s simply a “bridge” between getting access to cash now, understanding that you will be able to repay once you receive payment from your customers.

Without this many businesses find it challenging to afford all the costs they’ll require to complete a job.


Common Uses for Bridge Financing:

  • Build or Renovate Real Estate Property
  • Improve Technology & Marketing
  • Meet Payroll Needs
  • Buy Inventory
  • Purchase or Repair Equipment
  • Bid for Multiple Projects



Contractors, Sub contractors & Service companies tend to have challenges with cash flow since they typically receive payment after completing the job/project/service.


Even though they have heavy upfront costs themselves before the work is even close to being done.

Having healthy cash flow will ensure they can cover up front costs such as equipment, paying salaries, buying materials, making sure the project runs smoothly and still have enough cash flow on hand to capitalize on new opportunities & projects that could potentially grow the business.



What are the qualifications for this type of financing?

There are so many different types of business lenders out there, Each with their own underwriting guidelines. (Their likes & dislikes). While one lender will offer you 250k with just a few months of bank statements, the next lender will only offer you 50k, and then 5 other lenders will decline you! Why is that? A specialist at Manpower Funding has intimate knowledge when it comes to underwriting guidelines for most of the business lenders out there and can walk you through potential options you have with a free 15-minute consultation.  But even before that, here are some basics.


Minimum Guidelines for a contractor’s bridge loan / line of credit (generally speaking)

  • In business a minimum of 6 months.
  • Operates business with a Business Bank Account.
  • 10k in gross revenue (deposits) each month for last 3 months
  • 51% minimum ownership of the business.
  • 525 personal fico (good business credit will trump this requirement)
Jesse M.

Jesse M. / About Author

Jesse Has several years experience in the Small & Midsized business loan industry.

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